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By 2018-08-29 March 12th, 2019 Blog


CHAGA – Once upon a time, it was taboo to admit to anyone (outside of, maybe, the walls of your local food co-op) that you were “on shrooms,” let alone on shrooms during broad daylight hours. I am SO happy to say that in 2018, however, such behavior has finally become mainstream! I do it all the time!

But wait: before you frantically x-out this browser window or slam the laptop screen shut (or, um, call your dealer), realize I am talking about LEGAL mushrooms. Yes, they exist! And more than that, they are incredibly good for you.

Adaptogens are — you probably guessed it — a breed of mushrooms that adapt to whatever stressors your body is fighting off at the time of ingestion, rather than targeting a single issue. Each variety has a unique set of qualities that work with all of the body’s organ systems and can cater to a variety of health shortcomings: biological, chemical, and physical.

I’m a huge believer in the mental-physical connection; so is House of Gro. “Chaga” is the adaptogen of choice here — so much so that two very special products are formulated around it.

The mushroom is considered the strongest antioxidant in the WORLD, and has been proven in controlled studies to have mystical superpowers from stimulating immune cells to even preventing cancer!

Knowing what we know about CBD’s holistic anti-inflammatory abilities, it makes sense that CBD and Chaga would totally go together like peanut butter and jelly. So, when you use Skin Fix or Relief Salve, you’re truly getting a double whammy of ‘healing from the inside out’; arthritis, swollen muscles, and general aches and pains stand even less of a chance.

You know what they say — teamwork makes the dream work.


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