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By 2018-08-22 May 21st, 2019 Blog

CBD for period cramps

That time of the month.” Le sigh.

THAT time of the month is just about the only thing in my life that can take all my years of EXHAUSTING self-improvement work, roll them in a ball, and bowl them right back to Square 1, where my dark, demonic former self is waiting with open arms. Even as someone who warmly embraces alternative healing practices, my period symptoms have always been so bad that they turn me into a situational skeptic; it feels like nothing besides the hard stuff can help.

L’Fleur’s Flow Fix Menses Relief is the closest thing I’ve felt to godliness. Honestly! Had it existed during my hormonal, bloody teenage years, I could have saved myself a LOT of money — and liver damage — spent on massive quantities of Advil and muscle relaxants.

The stick (aside from being extremely chic and looking like an oversized lip balm) is immediately cooling on contact, thanks to ingredients like peppermint essential oil, clary sage, and ylang-ylang. All that good stuff is buried in a smooth base of coconut oil and beeswax and finished off with a hit of lavender to calm you TF down. It feels a bit like running an ice cube across your lower belly, which is divine… and even a little bit sexy. Yes, apparently this IS possible even when you feel like your insides are falling out! After about 5 minutes the CBD kicks in and all the muscles down there release. Paired with a gulp of CBD oil, you might just feel like a person again.

The world is painful enough as it is; the LAST thing we need to worry about is abdominal cramping. Try CBD for period cramps and see for yourself.


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