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By 2018-09-18 March 26th, 2019 Blog

CBD Legality

At this point we know that CBD is an anti-anxiety and anti-inflammatory remedy sent from the Heavens: a mystical healer of mental and physical pain. Few people dispute that. However, the legality of it all is still confusing. What is all this noise about only certain types of CBD from certain types of plants being legal, and rules varying from state to state? These number percentages about THC minimums?! I thought CBD had no THC?!?! *brain explodes*

I’m here to help.

So, weed itself is still considered a Schedule/Class 1 drug (alongside narcotics such as LSD and cocaine), meaning the government deems it as having “high abuse potential, no medical usage, and severe safety concerns.” Outdated insanity! This is the primary reason why so many studies have yet to be done on it; the Senate has been trying to remove weed from the list since 1972.

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again: CBD will not get you high if you’re purchasing it without a prescription.

Technically — like, when you look at it under a microscope — CBD derived from industrial hemp and cannabis is exactly the same. However, according to the The Agricultural Act of 2014, hemp plants creating products for the general, non-med card-holding public must be bred to contain .3% THC or less. This is because of something called the “entourage effect,” where CBD and THC intermingle with each other to create psychoactive magic. As of September 2018, the nine states allowing recreational usage are Alaska, California, Colorado, D.C., Maine, Massachusetts, Nevada, Oregon, Vermont, and Washington, with 30 other states permitting it for medical use. Acceptable THC levels in CBD products varies from place to place.

FYI, that .3% baseline comes from a scientific report dating 1976, which apparently wasn’t even MEANT to be used in context of the law. Obviously, there’s been a lot of debate as to whether or not it’s still relevant. Either way, Senator Mitch McConnell recently created the Hemp Farming Act of 2018, removing hemp-derived CBD from the Controlled Substances list, so you’re in the clear to dose up as you see fit…without any of the paranoia.


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