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By 2019-02-20 March 12th, 2019 Blog
CBD as Celebrities


CBD as a product — no, as a miracle product — has become a kind of fast-rising internet celebrity on par with the new wave of Soundcloud rappers. Consumers have become accustomed to seeing it promoted everywhere from everyday Millennial blogs to more elitist magazines, billboards to coffee shop chalkboards; but very few of them are questioning how and why the obsession began. Well, except for me, since questioning and obsessing happen to be two of my favorite pastimes. So I did some research.

In 2013, a Colorado couple made headlines for successfully treating their toddler, who suffered from a seizure disorder called Dravet syndrome, with a high CBD, low THC strain of weed. Both shocked by the patient’s age and awed by the overwhelmingly positive results, the public began to pay attention. Federal restrictions have limited the amount of research that can be done on CBD — especially in the United States — so the results of a few (and easily Google-able) major lab tests have become the scientific evidence for just about every cannabidiol-related writeup on the internet.

The marketing campaigns that have developed alongside both the legalization and rise of interest in weed are the real golden ticket, though. Browse Adweek or Business Insider for 60 seconds and you’ll find plenty of write-ups on the topic. Then here’s the copy-and-paste world of visual, user-fueled Instagram marketing, where our eyes eat first.

Cannabidiol is the newest semi-exotic, digestible health product, not unlike the matcha, adaptogenic mushrooms, and acai of past years, or even quinoa and kale.

By putting ‘a weed product’ in almond milk lattes and energy bars, apprehensive, everyday consumers can feel like they’re being naughty rule-breakers without, you know, actually breaking any rules. In a recent CBS news article, another popular topical cannabis company insisted their sales have grown tenfold in the past year alone

…so now seems like a great time to remind everyone that L’Fleur® by House of Gro was developed over three years ago! Pioneers and trend forecasters — they’re kiiind of a big deal. That said, the whole team would like to remind everyone that CBD is not a cure-all. While it’s certainly a multi-denominational Godsend for a variety of ailments, it does not eliminate our need for a healthy diet, regular exercise, or supplements as recommended by your medical practitioner(s). That said, may I direct you to the product page?

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