L’Fleur by House of Grō is a New York City-based brand developed in 2016 by siblings. The two were in the fashion and hospitality industries when they discovered the healing capabilities of cannabis. In search of remedies for their family’s various health issues (including ulcerative colitis, endometriosis, and eczema) the plant proved an effective alternative to everything from steroids to sleeping pills, and as such, L’Fleur was born — well before CBD beauty became a national trend. L’Fleur (meaning flower in French) is a cannabidiol-centric skincare line targeted towards women and their unique, often unaddressed needs. All products are small-batch and made by hand with natural ingredients like coconut oil, beeswax, lanolin, and essential oils, which serve to enhance CBD’s healing properties.

The cannabidiol is full-spectrum and derived from industrial hemp; when combined with medical-grade adaptogenic mushroom Chaga (sourced from Maine), they become a “super couple” and address a wide variety of common concerns: inflammation, loss of collagen, dull skin, even menstrual cramps.

Since launching, L’Fleur products have garnered widespread acclaim, and are talked about everywhere from Refinery29 to The Doctors. (Check out a live audience testing Skin Fix here!) In addition to the need for exceptional quality, our founders understand the lack of elegance and sophistication in the topical cannabis space; how a product looks on your bathroom shelf is often just as important as how it feels on your skin. Self-care is a ritual, and yours should feel special every day.

The House of Gro label also offers CBD-based canine goods and a “HIT” vape. For more information, follow along on Instagram @lfleur_skin, or send an email; customers are considered a part of the family.